Friday, July 17, 2009

Working sucks!

Here is why I can not WAIT to quit this job. Last week I was late for work. My boss threatened me if I'm late again she'll send me home and revoke my overtime. This morning I woke up at 7:23. I have to be at work at 7:30! Now that I'm living at McKinney Falls work is only 7 minutes away. So I threw myself out the door, drove to work as fast as I could, and pulled in at 7:35. But DDS has a really big parking lot and I couldn't afford the 5 minutes it would take me to find a parking spot and walk back. So I parked in the lot next door which is also a dept of our offices and is always practically empty. Ran inside, signed in on the sign-in log while Erika's back was turned. I think I got away with being 7 minutes late! Once at my desk I realized I really have to go move my car. For some reason I'm not allowed to park in that lot and I've already received 2 warnings that they'll tow me if I keep parking there. They couldn't explain to me WHY since it is a building of DDS employees. Anyways so I groggily grabbed my keys and trudged downstairs to move my Jeep from one DDS parking lot to the other.

Now for my first disability case of the day. Here is this guy with 3 fingers amputated. Do this with me - fold in the middle finger on your left hand, and the index and middle fingers on your right. That's how this guy is. Now do you think you can work? Not to mention that he has diabetes, extremely slow healing abilities, kidney disease, and COPD. Now a doctor just told me to order a special exam, paid for by YOU, to evaluate the FUNCTION of his MISSING FINGERS!

This place is a joke.

I'm sorry for all the whining, I'm just having a hard time coping today. Looking forward to a relaxing weekend at Hwy 71 RV Park!

Oh, and FYI this is my first post via cellphone!

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