Sunday, July 12, 2009


After much sweat (no tears) the house is out of our hands. Of course there was much more work than expected! And the heat was absolutely sweltering! Everything that was left ended up in boxes and shoved into the Jeep, the truck, and the storage facility. Chris has to go finish up some work around the house. He's going to shore up the deck with the help of the property manager. Not me... I am DONE with it! Of course it didn't help at all that I was super sick this weekend while emptying the house. I tried to work.. carry a box... go throw up... move another box...oh, I felt so crappy! Chris worked his butt off while I was worthless. Lisa came by and helped out and Brenda helped tons too. Sorry I missed Clint this weekend but I was passed out and trying to recover when he called to visit.
We were really nervous to leave the bus for the weekend and we are very happy to be back home in it now. Nothing exploded or leaked or anything while we were gone! :) This bus is home now!
Now we wait for someone to lease the "sticks-and-bricks-house" so we can get out from under the mortgage, pay off a little debt, and hit the road for real!

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