Monday, July 20, 2009

Hwy 71 RV Park

We stayed at a nice park just west of Bastrop for the weekend. For us it was like living in the lap of luxery! They had sewer direct connection so we could use unlimited water. We were on a 50 amp electric outlet so we could run both air conditioners, the microwave, and the water heater all at one time. There was a fabulous pool which we swam in all weekend! They even had a laundry room right on site so I got all the laundry caught up.
We might have stayed there longer but Chris is teaching an Open Water (scuba) class this week and now that we're sharing a car its much more practical to stay closer to town and work. So we're moving back to good ol Mckinney Falls again.
Next on the To Do List is selling the truck. I need to get it detailed and then we'll craigslist it I suppose. If you know anyone who wants an '01 F-150 in great shape let me know! The A/C blows very cold, it has a tow package with electric braking system, runs great, and looks damn good too. Well, it will look damn good when I get it all cleaned up!

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