Thursday, July 2, 2009

Hitting Our Stride

Well, we've been living in the motorhome for almost three weeks now and it feels like home. We're beginning to get the different areas of the living space organized for long-term living. Today I have to repair a drawer to keep silverware in and hang a "sailor's sack" from the ceiling to hold veggies, etc. No doubt we will find plenty of other things to work on inside the motorhome in the coming weeks. I still have a long list of things to work on mechanically to get the rig up to the point I want it at for long distance traveling.

We moved the two cats that will be traveling with us in to the motorhome on Monday of this week. They've adapted extremely well. The Rabbit (Lexi, the pastel calico) had her first run-in with squirrels yesterday and Nay-Nay (orange tabby) has already chosen several perches. Our other two cats had to be placed in foster care. My mother took Camden and reports that he's pretty angry with the change. Our neighbor Brenda took Lucy and says that she's slowly adjusting to life in her new home.


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  1. FYI Lucy Lu is in heaven! She loves her new home and for the record it is not foster care. She was down at the courthouse Monday morning and changed her last name to Crane.