Tuesday, July 28, 2009

And what would a move be without...

having the chance to complain about the idiocy of the US Postal Service. This morning I found out that despite three (yes, 3) change of address battles with the men and women in light blue that our mail is being stamped simply "Return to Sender." The house is still there. The mailbox is still there. The mail coming in for the guy who lived there five years ago is still there. But they won't deliver our mail to the box or even better to the address listed on our forwarding request.

I called the local postmaster directly and was told that the carrier would need to be asked but that they had already left for the day. He sounded pretty bored and completely unapologetic so I'm kinda doubting that anything's going to get done.


Thursday, July 23, 2009

Eight Days.

Our house has only been listed for eight days and today we got a call from our property manager that a deposit and application have been submitted for it. He expects the completed lease contract by the end of the week. Eight days from now on Aug. 1st someone will be most likely be moving into the house in Dripping Springs.


Wednesday, July 22, 2009

A couple more pics

Here is a pic of the kitchen and of the view out the dining table window this week.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Getting the rig together.

While I was moving the motorhome from Hwy 71 RV park back to McKinney Falls SP I was able to test the towing setup that I recently installed on the motorhome and Jeep. On our next move Melissa will finally be able to travel in the motorhome instead of driving the Jeep and following. It also frees us up to move anytime because only one person is needed to drive both vehicles now.


Hwy 71 RV Park

We stayed at a nice park just west of Bastrop for the weekend. For us it was like living in the lap of luxery! They had sewer direct connection so we could use unlimited water. We were on a 50 amp electric outlet so we could run both air conditioners, the microwave, and the water heater all at one time. There was a fabulous pool which we swam in all weekend! They even had a laundry room right on site so I got all the laundry caught up.
We might have stayed there longer but Chris is teaching an Open Water (scuba) class this week and now that we're sharing a car its much more practical to stay closer to town and work. So we're moving back to good ol Mckinney Falls again.
Next on the To Do List is selling the truck. I need to get it detailed and then we'll craigslist it I suppose. If you know anyone who wants an '01 F-150 in great shape let me know! The A/C blows very cold, it has a tow package with electric braking system, runs great, and looks damn good too. Well, it will look damn good when I get it all cleaned up!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Working sucks!

Here is why I can not WAIT to quit this job. Last week I was late for work. My boss threatened me if I'm late again she'll send me home and revoke my overtime. This morning I woke up at 7:23. I have to be at work at 7:30! Now that I'm living at McKinney Falls work is only 7 minutes away. So I threw myself out the door, drove to work as fast as I could, and pulled in at 7:35. But DDS has a really big parking lot and I couldn't afford the 5 minutes it would take me to find a parking spot and walk back. So I parked in the lot next door which is also a dept of our offices and is always practically empty. Ran inside, signed in on the sign-in log while Erika's back was turned. I think I got away with being 7 minutes late! Once at my desk I realized I really have to go move my car. For some reason I'm not allowed to park in that lot and I've already received 2 warnings that they'll tow me if I keep parking there. They couldn't explain to me WHY since it is a building of DDS employees. Anyways so I groggily grabbed my keys and trudged downstairs to move my Jeep from one DDS parking lot to the other.

Now for my first disability case of the day. Here is this guy with 3 fingers amputated. Do this with me - fold in the middle finger on your left hand, and the index and middle fingers on your right. That's how this guy is. Now do you think you can work? Not to mention that he has diabetes, extremely slow healing abilities, kidney disease, and COPD. Now a doctor just told me to order a special exam, paid for by YOU, to evaluate the FUNCTION of his MISSING FINGERS!

This place is a joke.

I'm sorry for all the whining, I'm just having a hard time coping today. Looking forward to a relaxing weekend at Hwy 71 RV Park!

Oh, and FYI this is my first post via cellphone!

Sunday, July 12, 2009


After much sweat (no tears) the house is out of our hands. Of course there was much more work than expected! And the heat was absolutely sweltering! Everything that was left ended up in boxes and shoved into the Jeep, the truck, and the storage facility. Chris has to go finish up some work around the house. He's going to shore up the deck with the help of the property manager. Not me... I am DONE with it! Of course it didn't help at all that I was super sick this weekend while emptying the house. I tried to work.. carry a box... go throw up... move another box...oh, I felt so crappy! Chris worked his butt off while I was worthless. Lisa came by and helped out and Brenda helped tons too. Sorry I missed Clint this weekend but I was passed out and trying to recover when he called to visit.
We were really nervous to leave the bus for the weekend and we are very happy to be back home in it now. Nothing exploded or leaked or anything while we were gone! :) This bus is home now!
Now we wait for someone to lease the "sticks-and-bricks-house" so we can get out from under the mortgage, pay off a little debt, and hit the road for real!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

For Lease, One Slightly Used Home

It's official, our house in Dripping Springs is now up for lease. We met with the property manager and signed the papers this morning. We have one load of stuff to go to storage, one load to go to Goodwill, and a few things to go back to the motorhome with us on Sunday but other than that everything's done. The house should be on MLS Sunday night or Monday.

As a bonus I found out that our property manager makes his own biodiesel at home. He invited me to his house next week to see how it's done so I can see if it's possible to do on the road with the motorhome. $0.60 a gallon for fuel really, really sounds good.


Friday, July 10, 2009

The Home Stretch

Well, the house is pretty much empty now. Spent a lot of time this week cleaning out the last of our stuff from closets and the garage - there was a lot more of it than expected. We kinda have to have it completely finished tomorrow (Sat, July 11th, at the very latest on Sunday) including the sweeping, mopping, etc. Our property manager/leasing agent is meeting us at the house on Sat morning to sign the final contracts and to take possession of the house.

For the first time since we started this adventure we will not be moving the motorhome (the bus as we've started calling it) back to the house for the weekend. It will be staying at McKinney Falls State Park while we work on the house and stay with our neighbor Brenda.

Now that we're finally going to be untethered from the house I've set up this link that you can click for a map showing our past and current locations. I'll be trying to make this more automated and user friendly in the future but it'll work for now.


Thursday, July 2, 2009

Hitting Our Stride

Well, we've been living in the motorhome for almost three weeks now and it feels like home. We're beginning to get the different areas of the living space organized for long-term living. Today I have to repair a drawer to keep silverware in and hang a "sailor's sack" from the ceiling to hold veggies, etc. No doubt we will find plenty of other things to work on inside the motorhome in the coming weeks. I still have a long list of things to work on mechanically to get the rig up to the point I want it at for long distance traveling.

We moved the two cats that will be traveling with us in to the motorhome on Monday of this week. They've adapted extremely well. The Rabbit (Lexi, the pastel calico) had her first run-in with squirrels yesterday and Nay-Nay (orange tabby) has already chosen several perches. Our other two cats had to be placed in foster care. My mother took Camden and reports that he's pretty angry with the change. Our neighbor Brenda took Lucy and says that she's slowly adjusting to life in her new home.