Friday, June 26, 2009

Emptying The Nest

Getting rid of everything you own is both relieving and esxhausting. It feels very liberating every time you get rid of something. I think, whew! That's one less Thing to worry about. Didn't like that table? Its gone! That chair was always covered in cat fur? Its gone! Dust collectors and space occupiers all gone!
But the actual work involved in relieving oneself of these things... Its grueling. We have put lots of stuff on craigslist. Those people are crazy! "Can you send more pictures?"..."It has a scratch on it, will you accept less money?"..."Oh, and why don't you deliver it to me on the other side of town...". WTF???
Tomorrow is the big garage sale. Tonight I get out of work at 6, will stop and put up Sale signs on my way home, then pack, sort, box, move things around, and price items all night long. I can't wait till its all just GONE!


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  1. I am comenting on myself here. Just wanted to post a followup; the garage sale brought in just over a THOUSAND DOLLARS! Now mind you that is for furniture, appliances, and all kinds of stuff. We still have a bit more stuff to clear out but the emptying of the "stick house" is coming right along!