Friday, May 1, 2009

Let the Adventure Begin

Melissa and I have decided to make a few changes. Melissa is leaving her job with the State, we're putting our house in Dripping Springs up for lease, we're buying a used motorhome, and we're going to go travel the country.

I'll continue to work from remote for the company that I've been with for over five years. They've thrown their support behind us and have agreed to let me telecommute 100% - I work out of the home office 99.992% of the time anyway so it shouldn't be too much of a change for anyone.

Melissa's planning on enjoying life for a while and exploring different jobs and potential career paths while we're on the road.

Right now we're planning a one year initial "cruise" to see how we like living full-time in an RV. If we don't like it we will move back into the house at the end of the year and pick up where we left off. If we do like it we may upgrade to a better motorhome and continue our travels (or decide to try out living on a sailboat for a while, who knows?)


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